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Responsibility. Have you ever considered where it comes from? Is it an inherited trait we get from our parents or grand parents? Is it inside of our ancestral DNA? Why do some people “feel” responsibility and others do not? Why do some kids learn it and others do not? Why do some adults learn it and other do not? Responsibility. It’s not a difficult word but it can be even more difficult to carry out. Webster defines responsibility as:

The state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control or management.

This is my definition:

Responsibility is doing something we don’t want to do at a time when we don’t want to do it…but we do it anyway.

All I know is it seems to be lacking in this world today and I would like to know where it went? You see in my mind, without responsibility what we know and love is changing into something we don’t know and won’t love. Now I know that responsibility is not the only characteristic that is missing or fading in this world today but it’s on my mind and I wanted to write about it to kind of get it off of my chest.

Like you maybe, I wasn’t born into riches…I wasn’t poor either but yet I was taught to take care of what I had and make it last. I was taught to pick up after myself, eat everything on my plate and most importantly, make sure those daily chores were finished before I got to do anything I wanted to do…Hmmmm…I guess I was taught to be responsible.

Now I will tell you that this post isn’t a knock on parenting or those various skill sets that some of us have and some of us don’t…this is a comment on values, and what we all think is important to cultivate in our family. In my opinion, responsibility is a value that is critical for not only for family peace, but success in life.

I had someone tell me the other day that what I was asking him to do “was not his job”. I informed him that this particular task is ALL of our responsibility…everyone who works here must participate in this task for this company to be successful. He just looked at me like I was an alien.

Is that really what we’ve come to as a society where responsibility is as foreign to us as the Edsel automobile from years ago? (Seriously, Google…Edsel) Look…I am NOT a self-help guy where I will give you a 5 step program to get responsibility back into your lives…that is NOT what this post is about. All I want you to do is to think about…does this matter to you? Is responsibility important to you or your wife? Do you want it to be important to your children? If the answer is yes, I am simply suggesting you act by trying to put up some “responsibility guardrails” in your life for you and your family…right now.

I can guarantee that you will be glad you did…and so will your kids…although they probably wont tell you that…

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Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

There has been a great deal written on the subject of time and how to manage it properly over the years. Growing up I heard “stop wasting time” and I need to be a “better steward of the time God gives me”. Later on in high school I remember hearing “You all are accountable to me for your time in this class” my teacher told us. I remember thinking he was taking this time thing a little to far…I’m accountable to him…really? But he was right, the time I spent studying for his class I was accountable to him and even more so when I failed a test. Then my “free time” dried up.

What I find ironic is when we make it to adulthood, we are encouraged with song titles like ”Time well wasted” and “Killing Time” which emphasize getting lost in the lack of managing our time. It’s like a switch was flipped and now I’m told forget about managing my time and just relax. So my question is, “Which direction should I go”?, Wasting time or time management? Well, as a responsible adult I think we need to find a spot somewhere in the middle as to how we control the time we are given. But, (and here is the “but” statement) the reality is we completely get caught up in the business of our lives and just forget about the “aah” moments with one another. I know you know what I mean when I refer to an aah moment. That split second of recognition when your little child sees his/hers Santa gifts on Christmas morning or maybe when you sneak up on them and surprise them with a ride on your shoulders or a good tickling. Those are AAh moments to me. Those simple moments in life I can take and be thankful for because nothing in this world can mean more to your child than meaningful time spent with them.

So you say, “great Kent, you have made me feel guilty, what is your point”? My point is very simple, as a father who has lost a child, my whole perspective on time and the moments of life we spend together has changed. Time lost cannot be regained not matter how hard you try. Unfortunately, I now understand the value of time and why moments with our children and family must be treasured because you don’t know when you may have all of it taken from you. One minute your life is great and next you find everything is swept away.

Ok, you say, I’m sorry for your loss but…that doesn’t apply to me. I’m a great parent and enjoy being a parent and spending time with my own children or my spouse. My question to you is Really? Have you actually made that connection in your brain where you said to yourself? “look at what I have in my life, this is awesome” Have you truly realized you should be thankful for what is right in front of you? I know I hadn’t. In fact, even though I had went through a scary time when my daughter was born with hospitalization and surgeries, I had since gone complacent and just took each day as it came never really grasping the actual moments and living them to the fullest…Thanking God for them. Appreciating them for what they were, valuable time.

It is strange to think we don’t take the time because we say we don’t have the time? I encourage you to take today and look at your wife and your kids and just say “thank you God for what you have given me”.

Simply put, appreciate the gifts you have been given. Appreciate the value of time…