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All of us have had friends or even family that chose to go a different way other than Christianity and for those people in our lives, we continue to pray that they will someday soon, see the light that is waiting for them…In today’s post, I want you to focus on that choice they made and why they made it? Here is what I mean; what was so attractive about sin that made them change their course in life and move towards it, rather than Christ? Now you say, “they didn’t choose sin, they chose (insert choice here)” In reality though, if you did not choose Christ, then you did choose sin. Here is why I think that way…

I have titled today’s post Sins Destructive Purpose because I wanted you to have a better understanding through symbolism, of what sin is and what sin does…

What Sin is:

Sin is dark, Sin is thick, and Sin is dense

In my real life, I work with ink in the printing world and there we have what we call regular black ink we use all the time, but we also have something called dense black for specific applications. Dense black is filled with an over abundance of black pigment to make it ultra black and highly opaque. You cannot see through dense black and therefore, light cannot pass through. One more point, if you get dense black on your hands, it doesn’t clean off…it take several times of cleaning to lose the severe stain it leaves.

Please understand me that sin is the same way, it’s filled with the darkness of the worst kind and it has a disgusting ability to stick to us. In fact, it’s like dense black like I mentioned above, because even when just a small amount gets on you, sin just doesn’t come off.

Sin has an Odor

Without being completely disgusting, you can think of the worst experience you have ever had that involves smell…road kill, skunk, changing a diaper…the smell of sin is far beyond our ability to imagine. It infects, permeates and overwhelms an environment like nothing else. Sin is a “senses overwhelming” experience…that CANNOT be hidden. If sin is near, and you are tuned into its presence as a Christian, it cannot hide. However, believe this or not, the stink of sin is attractive at some point…otherwise why would so many people go that way?


What Sin does:

Sin is Alive

Sin is a disease that understands you…and you are a fool if you think otherwise…sin is driven to destroy. Sin only purpose is destruction. Satan is behind sin…he controls its desire to seek, to hunt and to attack and YOU are in his cross hairs. When you move, it moves. When you think…it stops to wait to see what you are going to do…then it reacts. Sin is the ultimate in negative interactivity…

Guys, After reading the above, you probably feel like you need to take a shower but I felt impressed today to share the reality of what sin really is so you are prepared for defense. The bottom line is right now, you have the same sin like I described above, in you or on you and if you don’t do something about it, well, I think you know what ultimately will happen.

Let me briefly share with you about an experience that Christ had and how it moved him when he encountered sin. There is story in the New Testament about a friend of Christ that was ill and then died shortly after that. His name was Lazarus. Jesus was in another city and when he got word of his friends illness, he delayed another two days before leaving (you will have to read the story to understand why he did this) but when Jesus did arrive, he encountered a great deal of sad and weeping people that leads us to the verse I want to share with you:

When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. John 11:33

In this instance, why was Jesus so deeply moved in spirit and troubled? After looking into this further, I found that Jesus was grieved and angered by all the misery resulting from sin, Satan and death.

The anguish He saw around him saddened him greatly, but it actually made Him angry even more. Jesus hates sin for all of the reasons I showed you above because of what it does to you and me…He hates sin. And guess what? He wants you to hate sin as well…Look at Hebrews 1:9;

You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.”

I am not going to leave you hanging though…sin can be defeated through the redeeming power of what Christ did on the cross. All of the nastiness I described above can be wiped away by simply submitting to the Christ’s plan for you and most importantly, asking for forgiveness…

Today’s title was Sins Destructive Purpose; which means, God has a plan for you, but so does Satan and for any of us to think otherwise is certain death. Guys, I care about you enough to be truthful to you and to share what I think is important for you in your own spiritual lives. Satan seeks to devour and God seeks to save…is sin really that attractive when you know what happens in the end of life’s story?

You get to make the choice…

I choose to eternal life…what say you?


Until next time guys.





Responsibility. Have you ever considered where it comes from? Is it an inherited trait we get from our parents or grand parents? Is it inside of our ancestral DNA? Why do some people “feel” responsibility and others do not? Why do some kids learn it and others do not? Why do some adults learn it and other do not? Responsibility. It’s not a difficult word but it can be even more difficult to carry out. Webster defines responsibility as:

The state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control or management.

This is my definition:

Responsibility is doing something we don’t want to do at a time when we don’t want to do it…but we do it anyway.

All I know is it seems to be lacking in this world today and I would like to know where it went? You see in my mind, without responsibility what we know and love is changing into something we don’t know and won’t love. Now I know that responsibility is not the only characteristic that is missing or fading in this world today but it’s on my mind and I wanted to write about it to kind of get it off of my chest.

Like you maybe, I wasn’t born into riches…I wasn’t poor either but yet I was taught to take care of what I had and make it last. I was taught to pick up after myself, eat everything on my plate and most importantly, make sure those daily chores were finished before I got to do anything I wanted to do…Hmmmm…I guess I was taught to be responsible.

Now I will tell you that this post isn’t a knock on parenting or those various skill sets that some of us have and some of us don’t…this is a comment on values, and what we all think is important to cultivate in our family. In my opinion, responsibility is a value that is critical for not only for family peace, but success in life.

I had someone tell me the other day that what I was asking him to do “was not his job”. I informed him that this particular task is ALL of our responsibility…everyone who works here must participate in this task for this company to be successful. He just looked at me like I was an alien.

Is that really what we’ve come to as a society where responsibility is as foreign to us as the Edsel automobile from years ago? (Seriously, Google…Edsel) Look…I am NOT a self-help guy where I will give you a 5 step program to get responsibility back into your lives…that is NOT what this post is about. All I want you to do is to think about…does this matter to you? Is responsibility important to you or your wife? Do you want it to be important to your children? If the answer is yes, I am simply suggesting you act by trying to put up some “responsibility guardrails” in your life for you and your family…right now.

I can guarantee that you will be glad you did…and so will your kids…although they probably wont tell you that…

Until next time guys…