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I had a great conversation with a friend of mine recently who was working very hard at making the point with me as to how Christianity can actually work when all Christians are just hypocrites? He pointed out that every time he sees a Christian, they are failing miserably at living out their stated beliefs rather than conforming to more of what Christ is all about and he can’t understand anyone would do that? If Christians are truly committed to Christ, why do they fail?

The objective of this post is to summarize the answer I gave him in order for all of you to see if you agree with me in my break down of his question. Any constructive feedback is welcome here.

“First of all”, I stated, “The failure of some people to live according to their stated beliefs does not invalidate Jesus claims to be God.” I wanted to first separate the issue…we have Christianity and the claims of Christ and then we have all of us, who are working each day to be more like Him and to his point, failing. Just because some Christians fail to live out Christianity in their personal life does not mean that Christianity and what Jesus claimed was false. Christianity is a personal choice that one makes inside their own heart and the more that person allows God to change them, the more they begin to conform into a more “Christ like” person. In reality, everyone is different and each Christian, who has allowed God into their lives, has done so at varying degrees and therefore is experiencing God at different levels.

Secondly, the Bible is also very clear that Jesus alone is perfect, and it is honest about the failures and weaknesses of His followers. Remember these were the guys who lived and worked right next to Him. His disciples in the book of Mark were constantly making mistakes and even arguing amongst themselves as to who was the greatest among them. Each and everyday, we go about our day working towards perfection but fully knowing we will never reach that goal.

Thirdly, Jesus taught that there will always be false teachers and fakes (Mark 13:6, 21-22) who pretend they are Christians but who are not and this is still true today. There are false teachers among us working to eliminate Christians from the ranks of Christ. False teachers pretend to be something that they are not, and that alone can cause anyone who does not have a strong faith in Christ to fall. Those people aren’t hypocrites, they are Christians with no roots in Christ and the allure of their former life was/is simply to strong for them to resist.

Finally, I told him, “everyone is a hypocrite in some sense”. No matter how hard we try, we are sinners and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 2:23). That fact alone can cause some professed Christians to sometimes be hypocrites…but Jesus calls those who follow Him to change and grow more like Him; that is our responsibility as one who follows Christ. As I told my friend, don’t be discouraged if you have met some Christians who are not yet perfect. They will never be on this side of eternity.

We are all just a work in progress…

Until next time guys…