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We all face it…everyday…

It rises when we do each morning seeking to slow us down, or to knock us off our game. You see without maybe thinking about this, some of us like to get into a rhythm in our lives where we have a routine we follow each day which helps us know if we are efficient or not. For example, I know people who can tell what time it is each day by the task they are working on…seriously…

But when they hit a speed bump…an obstacle in their path…when they encounter adversity…everything; the routine and the rhythm all go out the window. Some of you practice fire management whereby you are dealing with the biggest fire at the moment…but let me remind you that the fires of the day and the problems you encounter all fall under the heading of adversity.

Adversity…I’m really not very fond of that word but I looked it up and found what the online dictionary said:

Adverse fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress:

A friend will show his or her true colors in times of adversity.

A condition marked by misfortune, calamity or distress…? When you put it that way it sounds terrible right?

So why does God allow adversity in our lives? Why can’t we simply face life without always having to deal with a problem or challenge? Wouldn’t life be far better if that were the case?

Let me easily tell you…definitively NO. Here is an example; When you find yourself in a scenario whereby you have to replace an employee because another one is leaving and you are faced with the choice of hiring a person with either experience or no experience…which one do you choose? This is a very easy question to answer right? You, like me, will pick the person with experience in order for the business to stay on track and not lose efficiency in training a new person etc. Well…Believe it or not, that is exactly how God feels too.

I have shared many times before about how this life, the one you and I are living right now, is preparation for eternity. It’s like a “dress rehearsal” before the main event. We get to live our lives, make mistakes, sin, figure out our problems, repent and do this all over again…time and time again.

My point is this; adversity brings us an opportunity to become battle-tested in this life. Are you going to fold your tents and go home at the first sign of trouble? Or are you going to simply say, “I have been here before with my God and WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER”. That is what adversity brings guys.

Let me remind you of the story of Joseph in the Old Testament back in Genesis. He faced unbelievable adversity (and I thought I had problems) he was sold into slavery by his brothers, was falsely imprisoned for years in Egypt, was in the palace and kicked out of the palace for more false accusations…he faced nothing but adversity…

But he never turned away from God…he stood strong, not really understanding why all of this was happening to him but knew that God was still his best option…and as the story goes, God had NOT forgotten him but rather was with him the entire time while he was in trouble. Eventually, Joseph became second in command of all of Egypt because he was faithful to God…If you have never read this story, look up Genesis, chapters 37-45…

On the surface, this may seem hard to understand, but please know that God wants you to be a faith tested Christian and to do that you must face problems in your life. Without adversity, how will you ever become spiritually tough? As I mentioned before, God prefers battle-tested people who have faced challenges head on and were successful because only then are you capable to really help someone.

The reality is what is God preparing you for? What you are facing right now that may seem too difficult is simply preparation for your next challenge. He is always honing and sharpening you.

My challenge to you today is to stay strong in the midst of this battle you are facing. Yes, it is adversity and it may be very painful. Look up to Heaven guys, just like the greatest warrior in the Bible Joshua did and remember those words that God spoke to him…

No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Joshua 1:5

Hang in there guys; we are all in this together…